Agivir Tape installed at Faurite printer located in Miribel

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L'imprimerie Faurite située en région lyonnaise, vient d'installer de l'Agivir Tape. L’objectif de cette PME de 40 salariés est d'assurer une protection efficace contre les virus et les bactéries, en complément des mesures de nettoyage en place. Nous sommes allés sur place recueillir le retour de son PDG Eric Faurite.

The Faurite printing plant in Miribel, located in the Lyon region, has just installed in its offices the Agivir Tape. The objective of this SME with 40 employees is to provide effective daily protection against viruses and bacteria, in addition to the cleaning measures in place.

"Customers are more serene to return to the printing press thanks to this antiviral product. This hygiene measure is added to the others already in force in the company. We no longer need to leave the doors constantly open to the at the entrance to the building or between the workshop and the offices, which caused discomfort due to noise or drafts. The product is very easy to apply thanks to the adhesive part and can be cut using simple scissors or a cutter." Eric Faurite, CEO of Imprimerie Faurite.

This feedback once again demonstrates all the interest of Agivir products in improving working conditions and welcoming the public. Easy to install and clean, the Agivir Tape offers great flexibility of use and provides effective and lasting protection.

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