A technological leader

In 1973, Serge Ferrari set up his company and invented Précontraint, an innovative patented material that combines light weight, resiliance and long life, while at the same time offering a unique weight / performance ratio.Since then, the company has continued to innovate, becoming a technological leader in flexible composite membranes. Serge Ferrari is now a French manufacturing group committed to expanding in international markets and developing products that contribute to producing beautiful, durable, light, responsible and more competitive solutions.

A win-win relationship

From R&D to recycling its products, Serge Ferrari incorporates its customers' needs from the project design stage to guarantee best performance. It is by retaining control of development and production at its three European maanufacturing sites that the company continues its international deployment by establishing a long-term win-win relationship with users of its materials, its customers, staff members, suppliers and shareholders.

Our market diversity is very valuable

It is because our products are so light, durable and recyclable that they have become established in highly competitive markets as well as niche markets.We provide solutions for more economical and responsible architecture, ensuring its occupants enjoy thermal and acoustic comfort at all times. From major international stadiums to protecting your terrace or boat, our products can already be seen all around you. With our expertise and applied know-how, we also provide answers to industrialists in many diverse fields from biogas production to aquaculture.

Keeping light, durable and recyclable

The lightness of our materials allows us to build in a different way. There are new possibilities for architects and designers to create bold shapes and volumes and yet use less raw material and energy. Our light and long-lasting products maintain their characteristics, so that users can enjoy their comfort and benefit from the safety of the installations. Having also set up a collection and recycling network for our materials, we are giving them a second lease of life and a new usefulness while also saving primary resources.

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